You Are What You Think

A few days ago, a friend passed along a TED lecture from last summer, featuring Shawn Achor. The video discussed, in a phrase, positive psychology, or the idea that our thoughts guide our productivity, performance, and overall happiness.

If you haven’t seen the video (I was late to the game, myself), watch it first here and then continue reading:

Awesome, right? Besides the fact that Achor is an incredibly intelligent and hilarious wordsmith, this video got me thinking: How can I improve small moments in my life through the ways I think about them?

And so, for the past two days, when I’ve encountered a negative situation, I’ve attempted to put a positive spin on it. Stress at work? Smile lean back, and enjoy the beautiful day outside. Bored or restless? Think about the “light” at the end of the tunnel.

Even in my tiny, inconsequential moments of “unhappiness” I’ve learned that re-molding my way of thinking is the quickest way to a satisfied day.

To read more about this concept, check out the following articles I’ve read recently below. And feel free to share your own with me!

Positive Intelligence,” by Shawn Achor, Harvard Business Review.

Happiness and productivity: 12 quick tips for boosting your happiness and productivity at work.” by Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project.

Celebrate What You Want to See More Of” by Jenny Blake. Life After College.

3 thoughts on “You Are What You Think

  1. Thanks for sharing that! While I hadn’t seen that particular talk, I feel like that’s a theme that keeps coming up a lot around my recently. Focus on the positive, and the negative doesn’t drag you down as far.

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