On Enjoying the Journey

I’ve spent a good chunk of time in three different airports during the past few days, and one thought remained constant in my mind: People hate to travel.

Which is funny, because if you ask most people what their passion is, they will say,

“I love to travel!”

And I want to say,

“No, you don’t. You like to be on vacation.” Which is great, but a little different.

It’s interesting to me what upsets people in airports. I wonder if the same things upset them in real life.  A 10 minute delay, a slower person in front of them, mediocre food, poor customer service, loud groups of teenagers…these are all unfortunate – but existent – parts of sharing the planet with others.

On my first flight, I sat next to a man who couldn’t stop talking about his trip to Manila. He didn’t mention the beautiful architecture, the stirring landscapes, or the unique culture of the Philippines.  He just complained about the long flights to Chicago, then two stops in China, then a stop in Thailand, before landing in Manila. Apparently he just hates to fly. 

If only it didn’t take traveling to actually, travel.

As we landed in Chicago, I tuned him out as he bashed the look of the city and the twinkle of the impressive architecture and lights.  Say what he wants about one of my favorite cities.

I love it, and I love to travel.

2 thoughts on “On Enjoying the Journey

  1. Mom

    I got to experience the time in travel when there were no lines, waiting at the gate was a family affair, food was not only free it was great and you always felt special!!

    I actually still like to get from one place to another, it’s just that the adventure is different and there are more dumps in the ride!!

  2. Natalie

    I remember when going to the airport was an experience. You could walk up to the gate and meet the person you were picking up, watch airplanes take off and land without having to buy a ticket, and so forth.

    I still enjoy the journey, too, but it’s different…

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