Less Mess: 5 Articles to Help “Creative Types” Get It Together

As I stood on the side of the road this weekend next to my gas-challenged sedan, I thought to myself: Hm, I need to study up on ‘getting it together’ again.

A busy – and good! – week of meetings and events and, well, life had led me to completely neglect the gas tank on my car. So there I stood, completely stranded on a busy intersection, due to my inability to remember something as simple as a refueling.

The plight, I think, of many so-called “creative types” is that we’re really good at thinking up fluffy thoughts and ideas, but we forget about the day-to-day minutia of existing.

I spend hours working on a creative writing project or work-related task, and somehow never remember to pay my electricity bill on time.

So I’ve collected, for you dear reader, 5 different articles that have helped me focus my realm of thinking into the drab, necessary day-to-day activities that keep the basics of life afloat:

1. How to stay focused when you work from home, from Unclutterer.com

2.  Is Organization the Enemy of Creativity? from Inc.

3. Setting the Scene for a Productive Day, from 99u.com.

4.  How I Stay Organized, from the amazing Jenny Blake at Life After College.

5.  6 Fantastic To-Do Apps for Getting Organized from Mashable.

So there you go!

Now I’m off to go find my keys…


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